The Pac-10, soon to be Pac-12, Conference has signed what may be the largest television deal in collegiate athletics. The agreement is a 12-year deal that aligns the conference with ESPN and FOX. Reportedly, the deal will run through the 2024-2025 season and will net the conference around $3 billion. According to the reports, this will provide $21 million a year to each Pac-10 program.

The Pac-10’s last deal with ESPN and FOX only netted the schools about $6M each per season. The new deal will provide more than four times this revenue for these programs.

Not all the financial information is currently available. However, if accurate, it looks as if the ESPN and Fox rights fees for the Pac-10 will surpass the previous largest contract of $220 million per year that Fox pays the Big Ten.

The ACC recently signed a deal worth $155 million a year, and the Big 12 reached a deal with Fox that made its total annual package worth about $130 million.

This looks like a big win for the Pac-10 Conference, which has struggled in recent years, especially in basketball.

Some changes should further increase the Pac-10’s brand nationally. FOX will begin showing college football games on FX, while ESPN will broadcast a new Saturday late-night game. Currently West Coast conferences often have games relegated to localized channels which East Coast consumers don’t get. With a heavy East Coast bias from ESPN and other major outlets, this deal can only stand to help the Pac-10 compete against the other BCS conferences.

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